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Who We Are

What better way to make a friend for life than when that friend is your esthetician? Abby, an esthetician in need of a facial, met Tiffany, an esthetician who invited her in for a facial, and - bada bing bada boom - a friendship and partnership began. 


Both Tiffany and Abby are driven by a desire to help people feel good about themselves. We work tirelessly to help our clients build confidence in their skin and in who they are. With each individual we work to create a positive, welcoming, and unforgettable experience. Our philosophy is that accepting and loving yourself is what truly matters. And, when it comes to our interest in skin care, we are in complete agreement - our absolute favorite part: touching faces.

More About Tiffany

More About Abby

Since becoming a licensed esthetician in 2013, Abby has channeled her passion for helping others into building confidence through skin care. Her devotion to her clients is driven by a desire to help people feel comfortable in their skin. With her warm personality and thorough, conscientious approach, you can be assured you're being taken care of.


Originally from the midwest, Abby spent 16 years in Texas before relocating to Oregon to be closer to family. Prior to entering esthetics she studied Political Science and Environmental Studies at Iowa State University, before heading to Texas A&M University for a Master's of Urban Planning. After a few years of working in local government, she realized office life wasn't for her and moved to esthetics allowing her to help others in a more hands-on way. ​

Nearly ten years later she still loves what she does. Working with clients to create treatments and plans to help them get to a place where they fall in love with their skin brings her an immense amount of joy. When she's not spreading skin joy, Abby keeps herself busy traveling, strength training, cooking vegetarian meals, and hanging with her very cute pup, Finnegan.

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